Products | Polinker PL3000

Producer : Polyalloy
Chemical Description : Grafted Coupling Agent based on High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Application : Plastic | Cable
Description : PoLinker PL3000 resin is a grafted coupling agent based on High-density polyethylene which combines functional groups by using reactive extrusion. PL3000 resin can improve the polarity of the plastic to increase the compatibility between different materials. PL3000 resin is added to compounding or molding process with 0.5% to 25%. It includes the following benefits. - Coupling agent between specific polymers. - Improving the compatibility between PE/EVA and inorganic fillers. - Improving the adhesion with other materials at co-extrusion process. - Improving the mechanical properties of compounds which have high filler contain.
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