Products | Tritan MX 711

Producer : Eastman
Chemical Description : Copolyester
Application : Plastic | Medical
Description : Application/Uses: 􀂄 Blood Therapy 􀂄 IV Components Key Attributes: 􀂄 Ease of processing 􀂄 Excellent clarity 􀂄 Excellent hydrolytic stability 􀂄 Fast cycle times 􀂄 Fast drying times 􀂄 Good chemical resistance 􀂄 Good color stability upon ETO sterilization 􀂄 Good color stability upon gamma sterilization 􀂄 Good heat resistance 􀂄 Outstanding impact resistance Product Description: Eastman Tritan? Copolyester MX711 is an amorphous product with excellent appearance and clarity. Eastman Tritan? Copolyester MX711 contains a mold release derived from vegetable based sources. Eastman Tritan? Copolyester MX711 has many outstanding features that include excellent toughness, hydrolytic stability, heat resistance, and chemical resistance. Eastman Tritan? Copolyester MX711 has been formulated for medical devices. Eastman Tritan? Copolyester MX711 has been tested for FDA/ISO 10993 and USP Class VI Biological Evaluation testing after Gamma and ETO sterilization.
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